Offshore Development Team

 Quality, Stability, Flexibility and Simplicity at a Price You Can Afford

We provide you with solutions to your IT staffing problems based on these five key aspects of service:

Quality:  Our highly trained and experienced IT professionals know that quality is paramount.

Stability: After many years working with many software projects, we understand that the stability of the team is an important factor for the success of any software project. Our management philosophy in combination with the company culture keeps your offshore teams highly stable. 

Flexibility: Our staffing model gives you the ability to control the size of the team and team members involved in each period. That helps you manage your budget effectively and expand your team quickly as your business grows.

Simplicity: We free you from mountains of non-productive paperwork and let you focus on your core business. 

Price: By saving the management overhead and leveraging the offshore benefits, we can help you to reduce your development costs significantly.